The Fan Death Debate

korea fan deathWell, you might be wondering, is this fan death belief really debated? Yes, the debate is alive with not just Koreans supporting fan death, but some Western people, too.  I would not say this is Korea vs. The World because some highly intelligent people living in other countries have sided with the fan death is possible argument.



In Korea, newspapers, police and doctors all cite fan death as a legitimate cause of death.  Every summer, articles and TV news report, quoting doctors and police,  continually attribute deaths to fans.  A Korean will usually use this to support their argument that fan death must be true if it is reported by authority figures and the news as true.

I would also like to mention that some media do not report suicides due to the contagious nature of suicides and sensitivity towards the family. Instead of stating that a suicide occurred, they may state that an accidental death occurred like a drowning or electric shock(How else could you explain the death of a healthy 25 year old?).

The Korean police are known to hide suicides, by request of the family, and state the cause of death was due to sleeping with the  fan on.    Although, no fan death occurred, lying about the cause of death would proliferate the belief that fan death is real among the people.


Claim: Your body will cool down too much with the fan on in a sealed room.

When a fan is on in a room it will circulate the upper warmer air  with the cooler lower air.  The temperature of the room will get balanced, but the temperature change is almost unnoticable.  It certainly doesn’t make a room get cooler.  Although, fans do cool the body. The air blows past your skin evaporating the moist on your skin.  You will feel cooler by this wind chill effect.

Will you get hypothermia from this wind chill effect? From my own experience sleeping with fans, I think it is possible.



Claim: A fan will continue to blow air in your face while you sleep causing you to suffocate.

Can a fan create a vacuum around your face while blowing on it?  No, there is always air there.  Skydivers have more air blowing on the face when they jump, but have no problems breathing.  You can try it by sticking your head out of the window of a fast moving car.  You will be able to breathe fine (you may lose your head in an accident, though).

Can fans disrupt your breathing when you are sleeping?  In a health man or woman, I would say “no”, but if an individual is sick or has asthma, I would be more willing to believe this is true.  I cannot find any sources to discredit this claim.


High Levels of Carbon Dioxide

Claim: Fans will create high level of carbon dioxide gas in a sealed room.

The mechanisms of a fan do not convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.  Only the person sleeping in the room would be able to produce carbon dioxide.  If the levels of carbon dioxide became toxic, this would occur without the fan in the sealed room.  Any person in a sealed room would run out of oxygen eventually.  You do not need a fan for that.

There is a claim that the oxygen and carbon dioxide are mixed together by the blowing fan making the air more toxic.  I would think that would be hard to prove this is what killed someone.


“I always sleep with the fan on and I’m not dead.”

Claim: People use the argument that they always sleep with a fan and not die, therefore it cannot be true.

People react in different ways. We are all different weights, sizes, ages and our health conditions vary.  Also, the conditions of the room could be important.  Is it sealed?  What is the temperature? Humidity?

What doesn’t happen to one person can certainly happen to another person.  Just because a fan didn’t kill you, can never be used as an argument that it won’t kill  another.


Fan death is Only in Asia

The belief of fan death is not only in Korea.  It exists, I have been told by readers, in China and Japan, but not to the extent of Korea.  But, if fan death is a real phenomenon why has it not been recognized by the rest of the world? Fans do not discriminate between counties and cultures.


Warning Labels

If fans did kill, then companies that made fans would have to put warning labels on the fan or at least in the instruction manual. They would have to state clearly that sleeping with a fan in a sealed room could kill you. Wouldn’t they be liable if they didn’t do that?

Well, they do put warning labels on in Korea.  ”Do not sleep with the fan on.”

Korea fan death

Korea fan death

Unknown Factors

Claim: Just because we cannot explain it scientifically, yet, doesn’t mean the phenomenon doesn’t occur.

It is possible that maybe one of the theories stated on this site, or a new reason not even thought of, yet, does indeed cause people to die in a sealed room with the fan operating.  It is this thought that makes a lot of people turn off their fans even though they cannot explain why they may be dangerous.


Just a Thought

Is it possible for to be charged with attempted murder if you knowingly placed a fan in a sealed room to try and kill someone?



There is no scientific research into fan death.  Therefore, there are no academic studies to properly prove or disprove fan death.   We can only go by the millions of amateur studies that those who disproved it can laugh and say it is untrue, but those who may have proved it are silent.  Most people are on the side that believing in fan death is absolutely ridiculous or on the side of that this is common sense and of course you should be careful sleeping around fans.  As I have stated before, I am certainly in the middle.  My logical senses say fan death is not true, but my experiences say there is something more to be explained.  Just because some of the theories of fan death are stupid and ridiculous does not mean fan death does not exist.  It is possible for one small group of people, or country, to know something the rest of the world haven’t discovered, yet. Sometimes we need to swallow our Western pride and keep an open mind.



He’s already dead.

8 Responses to “The Fan Death Debate”

  1. John Smith says:

    "Is it possible for to be charged with attempted murder if you knowingly placed a fan in a sealed room to try and kill someone?"

    The answer is yes. A man in the USA was charged with attempted murder for threatening to kill somebody with a voodoo doll. All that matters is intent.

  2. Serena Sailsbury says:

    Man, if fan death is real then I should have died twenty years ago. I grew up in a state that gets really hot during the summer. I have had a fan on in my window every night since I can remember. The very worst that has happened to me was waking up with a stuffed up nose and a scratchy throat.

  3. Bryon says:

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  4. So basically, there's absolutely no basis for any claims about fan death, none of the arguments used to validate it are even close to scientifically accurate, and not a single case has ever been proven.

    But because, you know, "there is no scientific research into fan death", you're still in the middle. How about Leprechauns? Are we in the middle about that one, too? There's been alarmingly little scientific research into the existence of Leprechauns. Probably same to say it's 50/50, right?

  5. Andrew Teeluck says:

    Suffocation: "I cannot find any sources to discredit this claim." Google "CPAP". Those are machine that do one thing. Use a small but powerful FAN to blow air directly into the mouth. Does it suffocate the user? No… it does the exact opposite. It keeps the airway open to keep a sleep apnea sufferer from suffocating during sleep.

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